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CTI expands its sun-powered inks to the metal deco-can industry

Chromatic Technologies Inc. of Colorado Springs, has announced the introduction of its Sunlight Inks for decoration applications in the can manufacturing industry worldwide. 

Press Release (Merit Media Relations)

In August 2014, Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) launched Sunlight Inks for use in the label industry. The company’s new inks are the product of a dedicated innovation team  working within CTI with a select group of its customers. 

Sunlight Inks are a breakthrough in chemistry that now offer the first photochromic inks that provide (1) fast kinetics which turn on rapidly when sunlight hits it, (2) repeatability which enables the ink to turn ‘on and off,’ (3) a broad color spectrum offering, as well as (4) durability in the sun.

In development for over two years, Sunlight Inks are the result of CTI’s proprietary technology which makes Chromatic Technologies the world’s leading supplier of specialty inks and chemistry for consumer packaging.

 “We are committed to helping brands win the summer, tailgating and other popular outdoor usage occasions,” explained Patrick Edson, chief marketing officer for CTI.  “Sunlight Inks create ‘theater-in-the hand’ for a brand’s audience: a consumer walks outside and, in seconds, the Sunlight Inks transform their product from clear to colorful reminders of their product choice, activity or social media involvement regarding the product they are using or consuming.

“Our dedicated innovation team includes CTI’s chemists and inventors committed to the can manufacturing market.  Our goal is to ensure every can in the world is interactive with a consumer and that it dramatizes a brand’s positioning,” Edson added.

Sunlight Inks can be applied to the can itself or its secondary packaging. “These new inks scored high in consumer purchase intent (“definitely will buy”) across multiple product categories,” Edson continued.

“Consumers noted it’s a great way to entertain guests and give them an excuse to take something new and interesting to a party. Truly Sunlight Inks fit right in.”

Owing to its growth and considerable success over the past two decades, CTI’s custom innovation incubators work alongside its customers and incorporate invention, design, consumer testing and prototyping.

About Chromatic Technologies Inc.

            Since its founding in 1993, CTI  has been dedicated to improving lives “through chemistry that alerts, protects and surprises.” As the world’s largest manufacturer of chromatic inks, CTI uses its ink technology to convey messaging, be it an indication of hot or cold temperatures, or an extension of the product’s brand.  CTI chemistry provides thermochromic (temperature-sensitive) inks along with its photochromic, black light, glow-in-the-dark, social media activation, security protection inks, and is also inventing new methods for bacteria detection and cancer treatment.

            In November 2014, the company launched its thermochromic plastics PowerCapsules™, which have been qualified in such popular applications as polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene (PE). PowerCapsules serve to enhance the consumer experience across a diverse range of products including QSR utensils, soda closures, ice cream spoons, baby bath toys, coffee lids and soup bowls.  

David Boland, Inc. awarded $50.5M contract to construct Assault Battalion hangar at Fort Carson, Colorado

Press Release

David Boland, Inc. of Titusville, Florida, is mobilizing construction resources to Fort Carson, Colorado, to begin construction of a new 113,800 square foot high bay hangar for maintenance of Black Hawk helicopters used by the Army. 

On 12 September 2014 the U.S. Army Engineer District, Omaha, awarded David Boland, Inc. the $50,585,000.00 contract for construction of the new hangar that will support the 4th Infantry Division’s Assault Battalion at Butts Army Airfield, located within Fort Carson, Colorado. Construction will be completed in May 2016 and the project has a goal of obtaining LEED® Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The building will be constructed to be Net Zero ready, helping the Army reach its goal to have Fort Carson a Net Zero installation by 2020 in the areas of water, power, and waste.

The structural steel hangar will include special foundations due to the location’s expansive and corrosive soil, and advanced building control systems for intrusion detection, energy monitoring and control, and fire/smoke detection and alarm systems. Fire suppression systems will include wet pipe in the administrative areas, dry pipe in the exterior storage areas, and pre-action and high expansion foam in the hangar bays. The high expansion foam system will be capable of filling the 44,600 square foot hangar with over three feet of expanding fire suppressing foam in less than four minutes, helping to protect the helicopters in case of a fire. Boland’s contract also includes the demolition of six buildings and paving 834,000 square feet of new airfield pavement between the new hangar and the existing airfield.

The Assault Battalion is one of five battalions that form the 4th Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade that is transitioning to Fort Carson’s Butts Army Airfield. The Assault Battalion supports the brigade by performing air assault and air movement operations. The new facility will support 385 battalion leaders and soldiers split into five companies. Companies Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie will have a fleet of 30 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters that will be maintained in the facility’s 6-bay 44,600 square foot hangar. The facility’s remaining 69,200 square feet will house allied maintenance shops, flight operations, administrative spaces, and company readiness storage.

About David Boland, Inc.

David Boland, Inc. is a General Contractor with 38 years of experience serving Federal agencies. The firm’s execution practices were developed specifically to address the rigorous expectations of the Department of Defense, with a business model facilities the execution of multiple concurrent projects in remote locations. Boland serves Federal agencies in both CONUS and OCONUS markets with specialized knowledge in the construction of aviation, aerospace, and industrial facilities, as well as heavy civil and infrastructure construction. 

Colorado Early Colleges purchasing buildings

Press Release

Three schools affiliated with Colorado Early Colleges are purchasing their buildings this Thursday, December 18, 2014. The three schools are located in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Parker.
The three building purchase are being financed by Sunflower Bank headquartered in Colorado at Longmont.  The bank has recently become involved in helping to finance facilities for charter schools throughout the state of Colorado.
Colorado Springs Early Colleges is in its eighth year of helping students receive an Associate’s Degree for free, while still in high school.  The second Colorado Early Colleges location is in Fort Collins and it is in its third year of serving students. The Douglas County location opened this past fall in Parker.  The schools have a combined enrollment of over 1460 students who successfully passed almost 4000 college courses last year.  Two students have graduated from Colorado Early Colleges with a Bachelor’s Degrees, all paid for by the school. 
The buildings are being financed with a 17.3 million dollar loan for the three locations.  In Colorado Springs, the school is located in the Springs Business Park at Chestnut and Garden of the Gods which has 121,181 square feet of space.  The purchase includes the entire Business Park which includes the location for Colorado Technical University.  The Head of School is Jason Dilger.       
In Fort Collins, the school is located in a 50,404 square foot building off Harmony Drive on Wheaton.  Enterprise Rent-A-Car is also a tenant in the building.  The Head of School is Sandi Brown.  We are looking to expand the Fort Collins school with a middle campus for the 2015-16 school year. 
In Parker, the 24,000 square foot building is located near the intersection of Lincoln and Parker Road.  It is the former headquarters for the South Metro Fire District.  The Head of School is John Etzell. 
Because the Colorado Early Colleges schools, like many charter schools, do not receive property tax bond financing for their facilities, they pay for their facilities out of their general operating revenue.  This purchase will allow the facilities cost to be approximately 6 percent of the overall budget compared to the average cost for a charter school’s facility, which is approximately 15 percent.  This will allow the schools to invest more in the students’ college tuition and the 140 employees working in the schools.    
Keith King, the Administrator of the schools, has led the effort to purchase the buildings with the important goal of fixing the cost the schools’ buildings for the next 15 years.  When the buildings are paid off in 15 years, there will be even more opportunities to serve students. 
The goal of Colorado Early Colleges is to pay for an Associate’s Degree or more for each student.  With the rising cost of college tuition the stabilization of the building costs will allow more money to go toward college tuition. 
Keith King stated:  “I am proud of our Colorado Early College organization that is giving over 1400 high school students in Colorado an opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree.  We will use these purchase to stabilize our building costs and this will allow us to better serve our students.  Our goal is to continue to grow this opportunity for students who want to pursue a college degree while in high school.”
The Colorado Early College Governing Board will hold its board meeting this Wednesday at 4 pm at the Colorado Springs Early College location at 4405 North Chestnut.  Deborah Hendrix is President of the school’s Governing Board and Jessie Mathis is President of the Building Corporation Board, the public is welcome to attend. 

Santa Bob, a tribute to Bob Telmosse

Bob Telmosse was a Colorado Springs businessman who turned a cruel hoax into a great holiday tradition. (details here).

Fountain's Poet Laureate composed this tribute:

By Frank Montoya, Fountain, Colorado 

UMB hosting Santa and Mrs. Claus this week


UMB Bank is hosting a number of local crafters and vendors at the Security-Widefield location this week, during their normal business hours. 

Stop by, pick up a unique gift and get your picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Picture taking is free, but you have to use your own camera. 

UMB Bank in Security is located at 502 Security Blvd, near Security Blvd and Main Street. They’re open from 9am to 5pm. The Christmas Craft Fair runs through this Friday. 


Luis Joe Ybarra takes another title

Press Release

This past weekend the Colorado State Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament was held in Wheatridge, Colorado in which the Ybarras Boxing Club of Security-Widefield, had three participants. 

Luis Joe Ybarra Jr entered the 12-13yr old 119lbs open class division and defeated Nemo Zuma from Denver in the semifinals and then went on to the finals to defeat Enrique Garcia from Greeley, CO. This was Luis Joe’s 6th straight title in this State Silver Gloves tournament since he was 8 years old. Now he moves on to Pasadena California for the regional Silver Glove Tournament on the 7th of January 2015. Luis Joe will represent the State of Colorado in the same age and weight division. 

Xavier Montoya placed 2nd in the 12-13yr old 70lbs open division as did Marshall Schreiber also placed 2nd in the 8-9yr old 70lbs weight division. Congratulations to all three!

For more information visit, email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call-719-237-6982 

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