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Now open - Sarge's Grill, Fountain, Colorado

Sarge’s Grill is now open at 6436 S. Hwy 85 in Fountain, Colorado.

Sarge’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lunch and dinner menus include a variety of burgers, tacos, fish n chips, German Braut, Brick Oven pizza and more.

Sarge’s is open from 7am to 9pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 7am to midnight Thursday, Friday and Saturday and from 8am to 9pm Sunday. You’ll find them right behind the IHOP and Applebees in the Mart Shopping Center in Fountain. You can reach them at 719-645-8489. Visit them on the web at and find them on Facebook at

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Summer program at Venetucci Farm - Farm to Fork, Cooking with Kids

By Heather Mitchell, Natural Chef

Imagine learning about chickens, collecting their eggs, still warm in the nest, and then making a delicious omelet with herbs and veggies harvested right from the fields!

For a few years, I have been teaching a cooking class to the kids participating in the Venetucci Farm’s Summer Programs for Kids.  The class has been an enjoyable way to close the week, inviting family to come and sample some of the amazing food grown on the farm.  Last year, we decided to expand on this idea and create a week long class called Farm to Fork, Cooking with Kids.  With a week-long class, we thought we would be able to dig in deep with children who are interested in learning more about farming, food and culinary skills. 

The class was a success and we are offering two week long classes this summer.  My goals for this class are to give the participants a strong understanding of what it takes to bring healthy, local food to the table and why this is important. We witness the farmers seeding, weeding, watering and cultivating the plants by hand in the hot summer sun.  We meet and care for the piglets, goats and chickens and learned how they are integrated into the system. This year there is also a Brown Swiss Cow as well as sheep and border collies to learn about. Then we harvest the stellar vegetables, clean them and prepare them for lunch each day.  After each meal, we sit and reflect on how much respect is owed to everyone involved with local food. 

As a Natural Chef, I also incorporated teaching about well being.  We discuss how living food is healthier than food that travels to us from afar.  The kids learn how important it is to know the sources of our food and why pastured animals are healthier and happier.  I am pleasantly surprised that many of these kids already understand why chemical free food is important and that animals who live outside are not stressed, sick or treated with medications.  Our discussions each day leave me feeling positive about the upcoming generation. 

On the final day of our class we complete an Iron Chef Challenge.  Two teams of kiddos create and correctly write recipes, prepare and cook food and present their accomplishments to their parents.  It is a fun way to show how much they had learned, their enthusiasm was palpable.  Last year we heard good comments from the parents about how the kids were excited to cook dinner for the family, start a garden at home and even encouraged the family to compost. 

I teach many classes, but teaching kids is the most rewarding.  They are so honest, genuine and excited to learn.  I am grateful to be a part of the Venetucci summer education programs. 

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Adopt a garden bed - Free

FUMC of Fountain, Colorado still has a few unadopted garden beds available. There is no cost other than your time and attention. 

Although you may bring seeds, plants and/or tools if you like, you don’t have to. FUMC can supply all of that, so long as you supply time, energy and enthusiasm. The adoptive group is responsible for preparing, planting and maintaining the bed during the Spring, Summer and Fall. 

The produce you grow is yours to do with as you wish. 

Get started today! Call Sally Miller at 719-660-2988 and ask about the “Adopt-a-Bed” program.


Now open - Mastercut Property Services, Fountain, Colorado

Mastercut Property Services is now open at 217 S. Santa Fe Ave in Fountain, just north of the New China Buffet.

Mastercut offers a variety of property care services including landscaping, irrigation, debri removal, fencing, aeration, and more. They service both commercial and residential property. 

You can reach Mastercut Properties at 719—473-0282. Office hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9am to noon. You can also visit them on the web at

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Rocky Mountain Fertility Clinic joins CNY Fertility Centers

Press Release

On May 1st, 2014, RMFC, Colorado Springs local comprehensive IVF program, with onsite embryology laboratories, will team with CNY Fertility Centers. Based in New York, CYN is the nation’s largest and most successful High Quality Affordable IVF clinic. Dr. Robert Kiltz, owner and founder of CNY, and Dr. Paul C Magarelli, MD, Ph.D., owner and founder of RMFC, and his RMFC clinic, are now part of the CNY family.    What this means to Colorado and neighboring Rocky Mountain region citizens, is that families can now get Comprehensive, High Quality Affordable IVF at realistic and affordable prices. Typically in the Rocky Mountain region, IVF averages $ 17,000 TO $ 27,000 for monitoring, egg retrievals, blastocyst growth, ICSI, Assisted hatching, and embryo transfers. 

With this new venture between RMFC and CNY, couples will typically pay $ 4,800 for these same services.  Group purchasing, economy of scale, proficiency built into large organizations, and newer technologies will allow for this remarkable new venture to flourish. 

RMFC’s 5 Star Program of patient satisfaction and Dr. Magarelli’s adage, High Tech with a Personal Touch™, will not change. 

Tiger George’s Taekwondo participating in Our Military Kids grant program


Our Military Kids provides grant money for the children of deployed service members to participate in instruction, lessons or tutoring. Deployment must be for at least 180 days overseas and there must be at least 60 days remaining on orders. The child must be at least 5 years old, still in school and must start the activity before the service member returns from deployment.

Grant awards are for up to $500 and will cover up to 6 months of the chosen activity or instruction. 

Locally, Tiger George’s Taekwondo is participating in the program and already has at least one student enrolled under the grant. If you’d like more information about the program, visit

For more information on Tiger George’s Taekwondo, call 719-390-5551 or stop by at 346 Main Street in Security. 

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